Eindhoven Engine has many projects ongoing. We love to inform you about the details. You will find all project details here under 'Projects'.

Advanced piezo-electric wafer stage

This project ‘Advanced piezo-electric wafer stage for next generation lithography and metrology application’ aims to demonstrate feasibility of an ultra-short stroke stage using light-weight and compact piezo-electric actuators instead of current electromagnetic actuators. 

Smart Mobility

A) Deep Learning for Embedded Automotive Platforms B) Spread-spectrum Modulated And interfeRence resilienT RADAR


Personalized neurostimulation: HD-EEG-based transcranial stimulation to treat refractory epilepsy patients.


Of all mental disorders, depression is by far the most common, and about 15-20% of all patients end up in chronic depression.


Early stage detection is critical to halting the rise in cardiovascular diseases. Within MEDICAID (Medtech solutions for Earlier DetectIon of CArdIovascular Disease), ten PhD students and one postdoc are therefore working on unobtrusive sensing, monitoring and data analysis for earlier recognition and improved treatment.