Advanced piezo-electric wafer stage

This project ‘Advanced piezo-electric wafer stage for next generation lithography and metrology application’ aims to demonstrate feasibility of an ultra-short stroke stage using light-weight and compact piezo-electric actuators instead of current electromagnetic actuators.  As opposed to these ‘force’ actuators, which provide good isolation for environmental disturbances from the long stroke mover, piezo-electric actuators are stiff and non-linear, which requires breakthroughs in terms of materials, electronics, control, mechatronic implementation, and sensor systems. Relevant use cases are next generation lithography systems, where mass reduction is pursued, and E-beam metrology systems, where electromagnetic fields at close proximity to the E-beam process are not allowed and even small electromagnetic fields need to be shielded.
Main goal is proof of concept in hardware of relatively large range (> 10 um) piezo-electric stage with integrated measurement system with an uncertainty of < 100 pm.

Consortium: ASML, TU/e