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Are you employed in the high-tech industry or are you a scientist? Perhaps you are still studying. Eindhoven Engine challenges students, researchers, scientists, young professionals and the innovators of the industry to research and work on that one brilliant idea together.

You can meet each other at the Eindhoven Engine hotspot at the TU/e campus and let the energy flow. Inspiring network meetings and courses organised by Eindhoven Engine Academy give you the opportunity to meet each other. The actual collaboration starts after registering for the project call.

Eindhoven Engine for ambitious students

Eindhoven Engine for ambitious students

At Eindhoven Engine, students meet with scientists and the innovators of the industry. Each with his or her own knowledge, expertise and life experience. Together, you will convert ideas into tangible answers to social issues.

Eindhoven Engine for researchers and scientists

Eindhoven Engine for researchers and scientists

Eindhoven Engine offers researchers and scientists the opportunity to come into contact with like-minded innovators with ambitious students and young professionals.

Eindhoven Engine for industrial innovators

Eindhoven Engine for industrial innovators

Have you been working in the high-tech industry for many years and have you encountered potentially useful innovations along the way? Set aside a year of your time to work at Eindhoven Engine.

Eindhoven Engine for young professionals

Eindhoven Engine for young professionals

You are young, enthusiastic, creative and have plenty of ideas that you would like to research. Perhaps Eindhoven Engine is 'the place to be' for you. Eindhoven Engine facilitates the right environment for creative professionals.


Eindhoven Engine invites consortia consisting of industry partners, universities and other knowledge institutes to submit project proposals for the OpenCall 2021.

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Carbyon DAC

Humanity is facing an unprecedented challenge: global warming, driven by carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil sources such as oil and gas.


Efficient Comfortable School Indoor Air Quality. Installations in buildings are responsible for around 35% of all energy consumption, approximately 20% of which is due to inefficient operations.

Connecting innovative minds


Eindhoven 2020

Wicked challenges 1

The Eindhoven Engine is an innovation booster for meaningful and impactful projects via co-location and co-creation, finding solutions to previously unresolved problems.

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Eindhoven 2020

Wicked challenges 2

How do we activate the potential collective intelligence of teams? How do we make the total bigger than the simple sum of the elements? We can learn a lot from the research done in Artificial Life and even Artificial Intelligence. Let us use the metaphor of soccer.

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Klokgebouw 126, EINDHOVEN 09:00 -17:30 (2 days)


In this dynamic world you constantly see new developments and issues coming your way. This requires adaptation, creative thinking and a broad focus on innovation. Informal learning and interdisciplinary collaboration is needed to convert new process and product ideas into feasible solutions. Personal leadership is needed to be a mentor for (new) colleagues and to realize improvement strategies together.

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15 Mar 2021
Online 10:00 - 16:00 (2 days)

TU/e Careerexpo

Eindhoven Engine will be present at the Tu/e Careerexpo on 9 March. Come speak with us to discover the possibilities for you!

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09 Mar 2021

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Eindhoven Engine News February 2021

e started this year with some really nice highlights, and we would like to share these with you. Although we are still working remotely, we have put a lot of effort into the Eindhoven Engine OpenCall 2021.
16 Feb 2021

Eindhoven Engine, TNO and HAVEP to develop sustainable medical isolation gowns

On 28 January 2021, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) accepted Eindhoven Engine’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) proposal on sustainable medical isolation gowns. Through SBIR, the government is challenging entrepreneurs to come up with innovative products and services to solve societal issues.
15 Feb 2021

Eindhoven Engine, the perfect instrument for creating impact

“I have the nicest job in the Netherlands,” says Sonja Vos-Poppelaars. “As director of TU/e Participations, I represent TU/e as a shareholder of 54 companies, mainly start-ups. One of the participations is Eindhoven Engine, a joint venture from TU/e, Fontys and TNO.
11 Feb 2021