Impactful Innovations Webinar

On Thursday 11 June, the first ever Eindhoven Engine webinar was held. This webinar was the first in a series called Impactful Innovations. The goal of the webinar series is to not only share challenges, innovations and impacts across Eindhoven Engine projects but to also actively work towards cross-project group interactions to unlock our collective intelligence.

The webinar, hosted by Joris Dufils, was kicked off by Jesper Pilmeyer, PhD in the NEUROTREND (Neurological MRI-based biomarkers for treatment navigation in depression) project, followed by a presentation by Gregor van Baars, project leader of the ASML project ‘Next-gen piezo-electric wafer stage’. Big thanks to both of you! During the webinar, we experienced a lot of interesting interactions. We’re looking forward to the next one on 9 July.


‘Inspiring to see the first cross-project interactions are taking place
to unleash our collective intelligence!’

Joris Dufils
Eindhoven Engine



Photo: Bart van Overbeeke