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Eindhoven - Multimedia Pavilion TU/e Campus 16-18 hr

High5 lectures - Circular Economics

A new series of 5 interactive lectures focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation under the name HIGH5. Professors at Eindhoven University of Technology are happy to share their knowledge with you and focus on innovations with market opportunities. At each lecture, an innovative entrepreneur who is active on the market side of the same knowledge area shows how the scientific knowledge is applied in their company.

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26 Aug 2019
Eindhoven - Multimedia Pavilion TU/e Campus 15-18 hrs

Metamorphosis MultiMediaPaviljoen

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03 Jul 2019
Eindhoven - Multimedia Pavilion TU/e Campus 16-19 hrs

SingularityU Chapter Eindhoven - Impact Event #0001

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27 Jun 2019
Eindhoven - Multimedia Pavilion TU/e Campus 11 - 14 hrs

Werkbezoek Hans de Boer, voorzitter VNO-NCW, aan Brainport Eindhoven

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24 Apr 2019
Eindhoven, TU/e Campus, Auditorium 15.00-18.30 hrs

Official launch of Eindhoven Engine

With the push of a button the Eindhoven Engine was launched on Monday 15 April. The ceremony took place in the Blauwe Zaal of the Auditorium of the TU/e, in the heart of the Brainport region. In the Eindhoven Engine teams of researchers from companies and knowledge institutes will collaborate with ambitious students in projects that come out of social issues. The objective is to bring innovations to the market more quickly. Fontys, TU/e and TNO are jointly responsible for the management of the project.

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15 Apr 2019
Eindhoven - TU/e Campus, Auditorium 13-15 hrs

Roadshow 15 April

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15 Apr 2019
Eindhoven - Multimedia Pavilion TU/e Campus 15.30 - 18.30 hrs

Partner meeting Dutch Technology Week

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11 Apr 2019
Eindhoven - Brainport Industries Campus - Boardroom 13-15 hr

Roadshow 26 March

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26 Mar 2019
Eindhoven - Conference Centre High Tech Campus - Zaal Planck 9-11 hrs

Roadshow 25 March

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25 Mar 2019
Automotive Campus Helmond - Auditorium 9-11 hrs

Roadshow 22 March

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22 Mar 2019
Eindhoven - Seats to Meet, Strijp S 16-18 hrs

Roadshow 14 March

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14 Mar 2019
Eindhoven - Multimedia Pavilion TU/e Campus

Samenwerking Fontys en MIT: “Make Impact Consortium”

Op 25 februari geeft Marty Culpepper, professor werktuigbouwkunde aan het MIT, een college over Make Impact.

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25 Feb 2019

Brainport 2038 - Toekomstverkenningen

Zo'n 100 deelnemers uit de hele regio, van allerlei bedrijven, instituten en overheden denken mee over de toekomst van Brainport.

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22 Feb 2019