VIPNOM focuses on the development of advanced noise measurement method and experiencing noise in acoustic virtual reality. Noise is the second largest harmful environmental factor in Europe and claims a million healthy years of life each year due to stress and sleep disturbances. To effectively combat unwanted noise, it is important to first be able to measure it.

Currently, noise is measured by placing microphones at specific locations and measurements made are applicable on those exact locations. VIPNOM advocates the use of microphone arrays at central locations, where noise levels at several other locations can also be measured simultaneously, such as at the balconies of an apartment building next to a noisy road, or across a large area of the city centre. In order to accurately measure noise levels, VIPNOM will further develop, optimize and implement the methods that are developed in the base project (ZERO). The resulting algorithms will be tested in the living labs Stratumseind and Strijp-S. Additionally, the same technique will also be applied in an acoustic virtual reality to allow interested parties (such as citizens and policy officers) to auralise and experience noise beyond just decibel values on a written report.

Partners: Sorama, TU/e, GNResound