Innovator in the Spotlight

Sietse de Vries

A photorealistic simulation of dynamic natural light for perception in VR

EngD trainee Sietse is working on a photorealistic simulation of dynamic natural light for perception in virtual reality (VR). His research is part of the IntelLight+ project.

Rehabilitation from Covid-19 @Home

Recover@Home is a personal health plan which patients can execute outside the hospital. This plan is supported by e/MTIC senior management and researchers, clinical and industry partners (Catharina Hospital, Philips) and a start-up coach.


Healthcare in the Netherlands is going through a fundamental shift due to changes in demand for care brought on by the current COVID-19 crisis. Hospitals are under increasing pressure to deal with the increased demand to manage patients with different levels of severity and, at the same time, manage the risk of contamination associated with this highly infectious disease. Patients need to be discharged quicker and the rehabilitation needs to be managed at home. To organize this, healthcare professionals need to make a holistic patient assessment to create a personal health plan which the patient can carry out at home.

But for this to take place Key Innovations are required!

Such as:

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