Innovator in the Spotlight

Ayda Golahmadi EngD trainee Smart Cities and Buildings

Improving indoor air quality in schools in the Netherlands

My research is focused on improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in schools in the Netherlands as part of the ECOS-IAQ project.

New project videos: POWERLIFT

The OpenCall project Powerlift focuses on enhancing battery packs for unmanned aerial vehicles used in transportation, inspection, emergency services, and security. Through this project, the partners LeydenJar, Tulip Tech, and Wingtra aim to increase the deployment of drones in emergency situations, including organ transplantation, blood transport, professional assistance over long distances, and security purposes.


Battery technology for the future

At LeydenJar, we are working on battery technology for the future. At the moment our battery for a drone can store 70% more energy. Drones can now flying longer distances, lifting off with ease, and exploring more locations. Through our collaboration at Eindhoven Engine with Tulip Tech and Wingtra, we are creating a modular design that allows customizable battery capacity and power—whether it’s a compact pack or a robust one, tailored precisely to each drone’s requirements.

Battery systems with the highest energy density

In project PowerLift we, Leydenjar, Tulip Tech and Wingtra, develop battery systems for industrial drones. As a partner within this project Tulip Tech builds battery systems with the highest specific energy density in the world. That means that the batteries have two to three times more energy per kilogram.





Start year 2022