Innovator in the Spotlight

Sietse de Vries

A photorealistic simulation of dynamic natural light for perception in VR

EngD trainee Sietse is working on a photorealistic simulation of dynamic natural light for perception in virtual reality (VR). His research is part of the IntelLight+ project.

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LinkedIn is the most commonly used digital network for professionals. It is therefore excellent for sharing knowledge such as publications, white papers, presentations and meetings.

This summer, the Eindhoven Engine office team invested time into a LinkedIn networking training directed by social media guru Daria Tataj. Each team member has adjusted his or her profile based on Daria’s tips. What followed was the identification of everyone’s network. Which networks could be relevant to Eindhoven Engine? And who is the largest influencer within each network? What characterizes that influencer? If that influencer is relevant to Eindhoven Engine, how can we make them enthusiastic about the Eindhoven Engine formula? And which hashtags are important? As a result, our total number of followers has increased from approx. 500 to over 1800 within a few months. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our posts and learned more about our vision and our activities.

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