Eindhoven Engine challenges PDEng students

In the last week of August, Eindhoven Engine and  MEDICAID (e/MTIC) participated in a PDEng challenge week of TU/e.

How to measure Quality of Life?

A group of four PDEng students with different backgrounds were challenged with the question ‘How to measure Quality of Life?’ – a complex topic on which the group worked for five days.

Besides working on the problem, the students followed courses in brainstorming, design thinking, system thinking (by Walter Baets, Eindhoven Engine Academy) and teamwork.

The challenge was concluded with an excellent presentation which will serve as a basis for follow-up projects on Quality of Life. Huge thanks to Georgio Mosis for his contribution as co-case owner, to Lukas Dekker for his valuable input on this topic and to the group of PDEng students: Song, Suyash, Wan-Yi and Sukrut.