Innovator in the Spotlight

Ayda Golahmadi EngD trainee Smart Cities and Buildings

Improving indoor air quality in schools in the Netherlands

My research is focused on improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in schools in the Netherlands as part of the ECOS-IAQ project.

Business Model Innovation in an Exponential World – online

This course has been supported by a financial grant of PATO* – If you wish to follow this course supported by mentoring from the Eindhoven Engine Academy, please send us an email for details of the contract.

This course is designed to follow with your team. It is a deep dive into Business Model Innovation, complexity, systems & design thinking. This 6-week course will teach you how to develop a mindset which is comfortable in a complex world. Use experimentation to get the most out of it.

*PATO: stichting Post-Academisch Technisch Onderwijs

Course outcomes

You will learn to develop the mindset with which engineers can comfortably explore, understand and act in a hyper-complex world, disrupted by exponential technologies, while becoming the entrepreneur and creator of sustainable, scalable solutions. This transformation of people, eventually, will be the engine for corporate and societal transformation. ‘Business model innovation in an exponential world’ gives the insight needed and allows to experience it first-hand.

The script – How to successfully complete the online course

In order to successfully follow and complete this course with your team, you can download the script. The script explains in detail what you should expect from the course, your team and yourself and how to get the most out of this course. It includes a description of each of the sessions and documents advised to use to complete the assignments.

Please read the following document before continuing.


The economic and political reality is becoming increasingly complex, not just complicated. The economy is challenged by important uncertainty in many fields: unstable economic development, fast changing geopolitical situation, political instability in many countries, major questions on the ethics and values of what is done, climate and the relationship to the planet, disruptive technologies and a disruptive societal situation. The challenges of today are wicked in nature: we have no upfront idea where the solution might be found. Most of the technology management approaches and methods are not based on this reality of a complex, systemic world, and therefore do not always equip engineers ideally.

In order to harness the reality of today, in order to create the future, rather than be subjected to it, engineers need to understand what innovation means in an ever changing, uncertain world, disrupted by exponential technologies. They need to know how to construct business models that matter, using technologies for positive impact. Additional to their technological specialization, engineers need to develop an understanding of, and a competence in, turning the great potential of (exponential) technologies into business models to bring to market.

Introduction session

Introducing a new wicked challenge: your own transformational journey

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Session 1

Theoretical scope on the context: complexity, exponential technologies, societal exponentialities, agility.

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Session 2

Insights in some tools: focus on the problem area, design thinking, systems thinking a driver

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Session 3

The potential of collective intelligence: values as a driver

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Session 4

Organizing self-organization

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Session 5

Biomimicry based ideation: sustainability, circularity and the relationship to the planet

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Session 6

The business model canvas

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Part 1

The Eindhoven Engine is an innovation booster for meaningful and impactful projects via co-location and co-creation, finding solutions to previously unresolved problems.

Part 2

How do we activate the potential collective intelligence of teams? How do we make the total bigger than the simple sum of the elements? We can learn a lot from the research done in Artificial Life and even Artificial Intelligence. Let us use the metaphor of soccer.

Part 3

What does the Eindhoven Engine Academy offer? There are a few ways to facilitate collective intelligence in teams that are working on pressing problems (via co-creation and co-location) in an environment that is ever-changing and uncertain.