Innovator in the Spotlight

Ayda Golahmadi EngD trainee Smart Cities and Buildings

Improving indoor air quality in schools in the Netherlands

My research is focused on improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in schools in the Netherlands as part of the ECOS-IAQ project.


Project Updates

During this session a selection of projects will show you their progress and need you to further accelerate their progress!

Date: Wednesday 13 Dec 2023
Time: 09:00 -10:00
Location: Building Disruptor


In this session the following projects will present their progesss and development:

WombathFollowing their birth, each child faces a physiological transition from mother-placental life support to (self-sufficient) life outside the womb.

– Presented by Beatrijs van der Hout

iHeat@Home > The iHeat@Home project contributes to a breakthrough innovation in thermal energy storage: a heat battery which is better, cheaper, smaller and greener than any competitor.

– Presented by Pim Donkers

VIPNOM >VIPNOM focuses on the development of advanced noise measurement method and experiencing noise in acoustic virtual reality.

– Presented by Jin Jack Tan

DynaPopeX > The concentration of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter is still too high in the Netherlands according to WHO guideline values in 2021.

– Presented by Ruud Erhardt

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