Keywords: Business model innovation, multidisciplinarity, systemic thinking, personal transformation, intrapreneurship

Transformation: in the engine-room of the Eindhoven Engine Academy

The ambition of the Eindhoven Engine is to boost innovation in 'unprecedented' ways, dealing with societal challenges, creating a unique synergy between students, scientists and companies while working on multidisciplinary projects. Teams have to work on it. The Eindhoven Engine Academy is there to support the teams in their learning and co-creation.

Why transformation?

Against a reality of disruptive forces – technological, environmental, demographic, socio-economic – that challenge our societies like never before, we need people who can think and act differently in order to address these challenges. We need ecosystems that harness disruption for the benefit of people and organizations. We need faster and more meaningful innovation solving real issues.

Transformation at the Eindhoven Engine, is to transform mindsets in order to empower people and organizations to embrace change, create a more sustainable world, and more humane societies. We need a transformation from a linear, silo-based, control-oriented way of thinking, to a thinking and acting rooted in a complex, non-linear dynamic reality, and based on the power of network of intelligent and autonomous 'agents'. We provide an awe-inspiring experience for an exceptional community of creators, leaders, engineers, experts, and inventors to find ground-breaking and scalable solutions.

What do you get out of it?

  • Innovations that matter: with diverse teams, you are going to innovate what you would not be able to do on your own, in your own context and silo.
  • Effective teams: being able to work in a creative group and getting the best out of the group dynamics; igniting collective intelligence as a power for the group level transformation.
  • Personal transformation: becoming a confident creative leader, engineer and entrepreneur (intrapreneur) who can lead a project to success, based on innovative and systemic methodologies. Personal transformation will be a key achievement.

The Engine Academy empowers you via learning by doing, diverse teams, supported peer-learning, personal transformation and agile innovation approaches. Are you interested? Please contact us.