FITTing Persons’ vitality and optimizing their Work Environment In an increasingly competitive global economy, physical inactivity and burnout rates are increasing. Sustainable employability based on good physical and mental health is therefore crucial, preventing absenteeism and also reducing healthcare costs. POWEr FITTing optimizes the relationship between vitality and the (home) office environment through the combination of data acquisition, integration and application for the validation and acceleration of user-oriented solutions. By taking into account individual, societal and contextual factors, this enables employees to remain both healthy and productive. This benefits companies, individuals and wider society. Partners: Fontys, HC Oranje-Rood, IMEC, TNO, TU/e Contact: Marieke van Beurden @ m.v.beurden@tue.nl

The Eindhoven Engine Project POWErFITTing

Healthy employees make for a healthy company, which explains why leading European industrial regions like Brainport are keen to understand what defines a healthy work environment.

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Talkshow ‘a Vital Working Environment’

Smart use of technology to boost vitality – Vision on the future of our way of working and the part that technology plays, kick-off POWErFITTing programme & live demos of innovative solutions based on smart technologies that are available today.

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Podcast Kracht van de Regio

A podcast with Katja Pahnke and Maarten Steinbuch about how Eindhoven Engine accelerates innovation, including two projects. Marieke van Beurden will give you insight about the POWErFITTing project and Gregor van Baars will tell you about the Advanced piezo-electric wafer stage project.

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