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Artificial womb website for spinoff

Following their birth, each child faces a physiological transition from mother-placental life support to (self-sufficient) life outside the womb. For some premature babies, this transition occurs too quickly. This places a heavy demand on the child’s immature vital organs, which is why extremely premature babies often experience serious, lifelong health problems with possible social consequences. As a trial in recent years, premature lambs have successfully been kept alive in a fluid-based environment, allowing them to develop in the same way as in the womb. The results are also promising for human application. The WOMBATH consortium will develop a medical device – an artificial womb – that supports the safe development of extremely premature babies outside of the womb. Ultimately, these infants will have better health prospects than premature infants with conventional care.

General project problem description

Help us set up and design a website for the spinoff company of the project Artificial Womb.

  1. Design of the website
  2. Building of the website
Types of student project possible

Fontys: Internship, Graduation projects
TU/e: Bachelor project, Master project

Types of study

All studies. Experience in building wordpress / wix websites

Starting date/duration of student projects

January 1st, 2021.


Jasmijn Kok, j.m.kok@tue.nl

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