SO-STRAP: GameBus, the platform for social health games

A platform that encourages and rewards families and friends to stay active socially, mentally and physically in a personalized gaming experience

A data integration platform for the SO-STRAP project that rewards teams for playing together healthy, social, cognitive, and physical activities in a personalized experience. GameBus provides a configurable App to turn currently perceived duties regarding cognitive, physical and social activities into an enjoyable gaming experience. Among others, the elderly can play their favourite brain training game while joining forces with their younger peers that go out for physical activity. The key idea is to let people play the different games they enjoy truly as an individual in such a way that they are part of an integrated social interaction. Game players stimulate each other to achieve team goals, which favours their health directly. Implicitly, the game sessions also counter social isolation and unconsciously vulnerable elderly are monitored against cognitive decline too. However, GameBus is about fun, not about obliged and forced supervision. Finally, GameBus will generate rich, integrated data with big commercial and scientific potential while guaranteeing 100% privacy for the players.

General project problem description

Although one of the main strengths of GameBus is its social aspect, in recent years, most campaigns have targeted employees and no experiments have been performed anymore to improve the UX for onboarding family and friends. In this project, students will iteratively develop a platform that encourages people to stay active socially, mentally and physically in this personalized gaming experience. During this project, students will work with GameBus and a large company in which the newly developed application will be tested.

Do you have some free time during the upcoming weeks/months and would you love to develop your UX experimental skills, project management skills or broaden your data science expertise? You should apply for this vacancy.

Types of student project possible

TU/e: Extra Curriculum activity for all students
Fontys: Extra Curriculum activity for all students

Types of study
  • Industrial design
  • Industrial engineering
  • Sustainable innovation
  • Data Science
  • Computer science and Engineering
  • Psychology and technology
Starting date/duration of student projects

To be determined after consultation: now until June


If you have any questions, please send an email to Anne Smits.

Call:  +316 37453296

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