AUXSTENT – Business Model & Market Research

Project Description

In the fight against cardiovascular disease, stents and grafts are implanted in patients to support or repair damaged or high-risk vessels. These stents and grafts provide robust mechanical support, but do not provide tissue repair. It would be better if such implants actively promoted tissue repair and regeneration over time.

The AUXSTENT project addresses these challenges and is already working on 3D-printable and bioresorbable stents that encourage and stimulate regeneration. At Eindhoven Engine, AUXSTENT’s aim is to develop a final prototype of this auxetic tubular scaffold and connect a business partner to exploit the innovation and turn it into an impactful medical application.

The studentproject will focus on the business-side of the full consortium-project; What business models can be developed and which industry partners can be connected to turn the innovation into an impactful medical application.

In the consortium are: TU/e Biomedical Engineering, TU/e Applied Physics Soft Matter and Biological Physics group and Fillip Studios

Your background

Your background/ study ideally lies in medical applications or business/ marketing/ innovation related areas.

Your tasks

You will work on:

  • Developing new business models for medical innovations
  • Mapping the relevant industry partners
  • Defining challenges to turn the innovation into a product and developing solutions to prepare the medical innovation for a market introduction.
Types of student projects possible

Fontys: Last year of Bachelor program
TU/e: Last year of Bachelor program or Master student

Starting date/ duration of project

Starting in September/ October or January/ February for one semester (6 months).


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