Eindhoven Engine News – June 2020

Like many of you, we at Eindhoven Engine have had to adapt to the challenges of living and working, facing the impact of COVID-19. Virtual meetings, online workshops and webinars have allowed researchers and related projects to remain on track. In addition, digitalization even enabled many processes to be accelerated …

In this edition of Eindhoven Engine News

  • Virtual location at Eindhoven Engine
  • Remote working and online conferencing: the corona impact on Smart Mobility
  • Co-location is key for the CM-FDD-HVAC project
  • Wicked challenges 2
  • The far-reaching impact of epilepsy
  • And more

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Rehabilitation from Covid-19 @ Home

Recover@Home is a personal health plan which patients can execute outside the hospital. This plan is supported by e/MTIC senior management and researchers, clinical and industry partners (Catharina Hospital, Philips) and a start-up coach.


Healthcare in the Netherlands is going through a fundamental shift due to changes in demand for care brought on by the current COVID-19 crisis. Hospitals are under increasing pressure to deal with the increased demand to manage patients with different levels of severity and, at the same time, manage the risk of contamination associated with this highly infectious disease. Patients need to be discharged quicker and the rehabilitation needs to be managed at home. To organize this, healthcare professionals need to make a holistic patient assessment to create a personal health plan which the patient can carry out at home.

But for this to take place Key Innovations are required!

Such as:

  • Patient assessment (physical, mental..) to create an individual health plan
  • Devices for intelligent assistance for rehabilitation at home
  • Remote rehabilitation delivery models to connect all stakeholders in the case management system, identify issues early and triage risk assessment for the right level of response
  • Data sharing within the care network

Does this sounds interesting to you? And do you feel you need to support this? Find more information via: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6665526585094914048/


Co-location is key for the CM-FDD-HVAC project

Since April, we’ve been working within the Eindhoven Engine Community. Unfortunately, due to the corona pandemic, we’ve had to work in a mainly remote/virtual way. One of our PDEng trainees started on 1 May, but could not get a visa to come to the Netherlands and now works from his home in Mumbai. The current situation requires flexibility and adaptiveness as it’s a challenge to keep the team connected via laptops and virtual sessions alone.

The coronavirus clearly shows us the importance of good health, which is also threatened by the effects of global warming and air pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels. The Paris Agreement set a goal to reduce CO2 emissions. The preservation of energy resources is one of the key issues in modern society and is therefore of great importance in the built environment. Building installations are responsible for around 35% of the total energy consumption worldwide and use, on average, 20% more
energy than is necessary due to inefficient operations. The application of Continuous Monitoring (CM) and a Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) system can improve the operation of Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) plants by detecting faults. This supports their energy-efficient operation as well as their effectiveness when it comes to improving the indoor air quality of buildings.


Looking ahead to the second half of this year, we hope for growing cooperation and the involvement of all parties of Eindhoven Engine through co-location. We’re even thinking about setting up the whole team an Eindhoven Engine co-location as this would generate a novel way of working and promote involvement in iconic projects in this region.

In turn, this could result in increased interactions and ‘unexpected connections’,
which are difficult in the time of the corona pandemic. This means joining together with people to think differently and to help each other accelerate innovation through our collective, innovative and enterprising spirit. We need personal contacts to inspire each other and come to new ways of thinking. Meeting one other at the co-location
will strengthen the engagement between project teams within Eindhoven Engine. Let’s hope that this will soon become possible again.

*Continuous Monitoring and Fault Detection Diagnosis of large HVAC systems


Photo: Bart van Overbeeke