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We would hereby like to inform you that Katja Pahnke will step down from her role as managing director of Eindhoven Engine BV on 1 November, 2022. She has accepted a very nice challenge at Prodrive Technologies BV: she will join the board as the Chief Development Officer (CDO) and will lead Prodrive Technologies Innovation Services. In addition to R&D, this includes talent, leadership and organizational development and serves as a great opportunity for her and for the region, one that we wish her all the best in.

We are proud of the results achieved so far with Eindhoven Engine and how it has become embedded within the ecosystem. We are especially grateful to Katja for her important contribution in this: she has been a major factor in building up the organization, inspiring our team and engaging all shareholders in an outstanding manner. As Eindhoven Engine, we have an important role to play in our ecosystem, which we do so with full responsibility and with the energy and vigor of our motivated team.

On behalf of Eindhoven Engine BV,

Maarten Steinbuch (scientific director)
Bert Pauli (chair of the Supervisory Board)

Eindhoven Engine News – July 2021

We are getting closer to the summer period and it seems we will soon return to our offices and labs to work, meet and collaborate with each other safely. An important event is that the results of our yearly OpenCall are now known. We are happy to announce that four new innovative and iconic OpenCall 2021 project proposals, valued at over 11 million euros, have been granted. We are excited to welcome these projects and have them join our internal community! Read more in this newsletter.

In this edition, you can also check out the second part of the two-part interview with former Advisory Board member Jan Mengelers on Eindhoven Engine, an innovation powerhouse. Additionally, we again participated in TU/e’s PDEng Design Challenge. This time, the Library of the Future was our challenge for the PDEng trainees. We also want to share the interesting work of Ralf Zelders from his consultancy work on the business innovation perspective of activities at Eindhoven Engine, as well as news from the Academy, the building up of our internal community and our contribution during the Dutch Technology Week with the Smart Mobility @ Eindhoven Engine broadcast and a talk show titled ‘A Vital Working Environment’.

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Keep on growing

For most of us, the summer holidays are in sight and it looks like the summer is going to be as normal as we could have wished for over the last year.

“There are more exciting things coming up after summer; we will keep you posted!”

Joris Dufils – Eindhoven Engine Community


For me personally, it’s also a moment to reflect a bit on what we’ve achieved since the beginning of the year and what we need to pick up after the summer. It’s incredible satisfying to see that we kept on and keep on growing our community of practice, enabling you to connect with peers and people from different backgrounds, domains and businesses in order to accelerate innovation. Some interesting topics emerged in the webinars and we held a successful workshop series around the future of work. The co-location will receive amazing, active art designed and developed by young artists Tjeu van Bussel and Serge Gruson, which will be finished before the summer. We are also preparing the onboarding of new Eindhoven Engine projects and I would like to reach out to you to give them a warm welcome during the next webinar in July. There are more exciting things coming up after summer; we will keep you posted!

Serge Gruson working on the active art.


Smart Mobility @ Eindhoven Engine during DTW

Eindhoven Engine accelerates innovation in the Brainport region through challenge-based research in its public-private research facility at the TU/e Campus. Teams of our region’s most talented researchers from industry, knowledge institutes and students cooperate in Eindhoven Engine research programs to deliver breakthrough technological solutions.

In the Smart Mobility project the goal is develop new perception technology for next-generation automated driving systems. The project focusses both on sensors, by researching and prototyping new imaging radar systems, and on artificial intelligence, by researching highly-efficient deep binary neural networks that can interpret sensor data. This project is a collaboration of TU/e and NXP and supported by Eindhoven Engine and AI in Motion.

Watch here the broadcast ‘Smart Mobility @ Eindhoven Engine‘ recordered during the Dutch Technology Week 2021 and TU/e professor Gijs Dubbelman will explain how this particular project @Eindhoven Engine accelerates innovation.

Eindhoven Engine News – April 2021

This month, April, we received a record number of 33 notifications for the Eindhoven Engine OpenCall 2021. We look forward to receiving the final project proposals, which are due on May 13, 2021, at 17:00 CET. Our expert team will make a selection after a careful process. The outcome is expected in late June.

In this edition of the Newsletter, you can read the first section of a two-part interview with Jan Mengelers, a former member of our Superadvisory Board. Jan gives insight into his views on Eindhoven Engine and its rise. This edition also contains the Triple Helix collaboration in the SBIR medical isolation gowns project, the kick-off of the ‘Future of Work’ demo project, an update
on our community building, the progress report of Regio Deal Brainport Eindhoven and an introduction to our intern Martijn de Kleijn.

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Podcast Kracht van de Regio

Eindhoven Engine

A podcast with Katja Pahnke and Maarten Steinbuch about how Eindhoven Engine accelerates innovation, including two projects. Marieke van Beurden will give you insight about the POWErFITTing project and Gregor van Baars will tell you about the Advanced piezo-electric wafer stage project.

 This is part of a serie of podcasts about the Regiodeals in the Netherlands. Eindhoven Engine is part of the Brainport Regiodeal.