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Titan ‘Next-Generation Batteries’ Customer Validation and Market Research


Titan Batteries is a scale-up, being a spinoff of TU Delft and TU Eindhoven. Titan focusses on developing and assembling aerospace-grade battery packs, with very high performance. We are developing a next generation of battery packs containing ultra high energy density batteries offering up to 2x more energy per kg than current battery packs. Our battery management systems are top-class in terms of power, redundancy and safety, miniaturization and features. However, prices of these packs remain high. We need to validate with customers a willingness to pay, volumes, and key parameters.
We are located at the TU Campus in the Disrupter building with Eindhoven Engine.

Drone powerlift

We need to further understand customer needs within aerospace markets, such as:

  • Industrial drones

Also, we are setting up a marketing campaign and communication plan focusing on the aerospace drone market niche.


  • Market Research on the industrial drone market in Europe: Desk Research on potential clients, customer interviews, follow-up and project proposal. This could include other markets such as robotics/AGV’s and aerospace.
  • Develop a marketing and communication campaign focusing on the industrial drone market, including website, marketing material, communication strategy.

It could be 1 combined assignment or 2 separate students.

Your background

Your background/ study direction lies in Communication, Retail, Entrepreneurship or International Business

Types of student project possible

Fontys: (3 – 9 months  – Flexible, February preferable – Flexible)
TU/e: (3 – 9 months – Flexible, February preferable – Flexible)


Bernd Rietberg – bernd.rietberg@titan-batteries.com