Eindhoven Engine Newsletter October edition

20 Oct 2021

Job alert: PDEng trainees on Virtual Position Noise Measurement

19 Oct 2021

Beware of fragmentation, we need one strong proposition

18 Oct 2021

Hack2Impact Health@Home

We are organizing a hackathon! Together with MIT Hacking Medicine, TU/e and Fontys, Eindhoven Engine will organize a weekend-long hackathon Hack2Impact.
14 Oct 2021

Eindhoven Engine at successful Fontys Career Event

On 6 October, Eindhoven Engine was present at the Fontys Career Event in the Klokgebouw, Eindhoven, and it was great to be back at onsite events.
12 Oct 2021

Ready to accelerate innovation

So good to be back after the holidays, you can just feel the energy flowing again!
05 Oct 2021

What is the context for technology in business innovation today?

Our economic and political reality is becoming increasingly complex, not just complicated. The economy is challenged by important uncertainty in many fields: unstable economic development, a fast-changing geopolitical situation, political instability in many countries, major questions on the ethics and values of what is being done, the climate and...
05 Oct 2021

A year of SmartMan

SmartMan was one of the selected projects of Eindhoven Engine’s OpenCall 2020. The goal in this project is to increase the collaboration between Fontys University of Applied Sciences Engineering and SMEs in the Brainport region.
30 Sep 2021

Brainport Regio Deal Innovation Projects - Eindhoven Engine

Eindhoven Engine is one of the Regio Deal innovation projects with social impact. Check out this video showcasing our way of working, the Carbyon project and SmartMan project.
20 Sep 2021

Looking back building up the Engine and what he sees in its future

15 Sep 2021

Phase 2 of SBIR project on sustainable medical isolation gowns gets started

In June, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) accepted the second phase of the SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) tender.
27 Jul 2021

Eindhoven Engine News - July 2021

01 Jul 2021

Keep on growing

For most of us, the summer holidays are in sight and it looks like the summer is going to be as normal as we could have wished for over the last year.
30 Jun 2021

Eindhoven Engine welcomes four new innovation projects valued at over 11 million euros

29 Jun 2021

PDEng Challenge: the Library of the Future

Eindhoven Engine (Academy) submitted a challenging project 'Library of the Future' to the PDEng Challenge of TU/e, for the PDEng trainees to get their minds around in a week’s time. The challenge took place from 21 – 25 June.
28 Jun 2021

Business Model Innovation in an Exponential World

The course that gets you on track in this exponential world. The Academy of Eindhoven Engine has received a grant of €50,000 from Stichting Post-Academisch Technisch Onderwijs (PATO) to develop the course ‘Business Model Innovation in an Exponential World’.
28 Jun 2021

Nice to meet you!

I’m Ralf Zelders, tech-savvy Value Additor, skilled in solving business challenges in the areas of Strategy & Change and (new) Business Development & Innovation ...
23 Jun 2021

Talkshow 'a Vital Working Environment'

08 Jun 2021

Smart Mobility @ Eindhoven Engine during DTW

01 Jun 2021

Eindhoven Engine News - April 2021

29 Apr 2021

Creating an exhilarating vibe to develop technical solutions with a social impact

28 Apr 2021

Community of Practice gaining momentum

The community is gaining momentum; more and more Engine members are finding each other.
28 Apr 2021

The gap between fundamental research and industry

22 Apr 2021

Accelerate by working together

A Triple Helix collaboration of Eindhoven Engine, TNO, TU Eindhoven and HAVEP is taking up the challenge of developing economically and circularly sustainable medical isolation gowns.
19 Apr 2021

Creative collaborations and open innovation

In the third year of Regio Deal Brainport Eindhoven all participating parties, including Eindhoven Engine, have worked on strengthening the business climate, attracting talent and creating innovation in our Brainport region.
19 Apr 2021

The Future of Work demo project kicks off

On top of what Eindhoven Engine does with its regular projects and the community building around it, we also want to launch projects that are challenge-driven, multidisciplinary and promise to be impactful.
18 Apr 2021

Two years of Eindhoven Engine

It’s been two years since this joint venture of Fontys, TNO and TU/e saw the light, as part of TU/e’s Strategy 2030. The ‘innovation accelerator’ is going strong. Already, more than 150 people and 15 projects are working on exciting innovations accelerated by Eindhoven Engine.
14 Apr 2021

New intern Martijn de Kleijn

10 Apr 2021

Eindhoven Engine News February 2021

We started this year with some really nice highlights, and we would like to share these with you. Although we are still working remotely, we have put a lot of effort into the Eindhoven Engine OpenCall 2021.
16 Feb 2021

Eindhoven Engine, TNO and HAVEP to develop sustainable medical isolation gowns

On 28 January 2021, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) accepted Eindhoven Engine’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) proposal on sustainable medical isolation gowns. Through SBIR, the government is challenging entrepreneurs to come up with innovative products and services to solve societal issues.
15 Feb 2021

Eindhoven Engine, the perfect instrument for creating impact

“I have the nicest job in the Netherlands,” says Sonja Vos-Poppelaars. “As director of TU/e Participations, I represent TU/e as a shareholder of 54 companies, mainly start-ups. One of the participations is Eindhoven Engine, a joint venture from TU/e, Fontys and TNO.
11 Feb 2021

Community of Practice

We’ve kicked off! With a small group, Joris Dufils held our first community get-together to lay the basis for our Community of Practice.
10 Feb 2021

Renewed MMP Building at TU/e Campus officially opened

In 2020, Kadans Science Partner took on the renovation of the MMP building on the TU/e Campus. Last Thursday the renewed MMP was officially opened through a live streamed event.
09 Feb 2021

Thinking outside the box: students, SMEs and the SmartMan project

As an Eindhoven Engine stakeholder, Fontys University of Applied Science has a vital role to play in connecting innovative minds. In the SmartMan project, this centers on the intersection of students and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as Fontys colleagues Hans Krikhaar and Kees Adriaanse explain.
08 Feb 2021

Digital opening MMP

Watch here the digital re-opening of MMP.
08 Feb 2021

PDEng Design Challenge

In an intense last week of January, teams of PDEng trainees worked on challenges presented to them by companies. One of the challenges which a team worked on was the ‘Future of Work’ demo project of Eindhoven Engine.
04 Feb 2021

Business Model Innovation in an Exponential World

The Eindhoven Engine Academy offers a training and mentoring journey for ‘Business Model Innovation in an Exponential World’.
04 Feb 2021

Eindhoven Engine News - December 2020

17 Dec 2020

Transformation at the Eindhoven Engine Academy

10 Dec 2020

Eindhoven Engine creates an impetus to accelerate innovation

10 Dec 2020

Shared spaces and co-creation: the new MMP

10 Dec 2020

Eindhoven Engine student vacancies website goes live!

08 Dec 2020

Follow Eindhoven Engine on LinkedIn

07 Dec 2020

ASQ Fontys was a successful online meeting place for innovators

30 Nov 2020

November’s Impactful Innovations Webinar

25 Nov 2020

Even more clout for Eindhoven Engine

12 Oct 2020

Eindhoven Engine News - October 2020

05 Oct 2020

Shareholders, SMEs and SmartMan: the viewpoint of Ella Hueting

29 Sep 2020

Collaborative capital: the value of soft skills in technical domains

24 Sep 2020

Making Meaning project with Design Forum

24 Sep 2020

Impactful Innovations Webinar - part 3

15 Sep 2020

Eindhoven Engine challenges PDEng students

07 Sep 2020

Eindhoven Engine gives green light to new innovation projects collectively worth €16.8 million

08 Jul 2020

Positive developments in second year of executing 'Brainport Nationale Actieagenda'

01 Jul 2020

Eindhoven Engine News - June 2020

30 Jun 2020

Rehabilitation from Covid-19 @ Home

18 Jun 2020

Remote working and online conferencing: the corona impact on Smart Mobility

18 Jun 2020

Co-location is key for the CM-FDD-HVAC project

18 Jun 2020

Virtual co-location: the real value added

16 Jun 2020

Impactful Innovations Webinar

12 Jun 2020

ILI Virtual workshops in April and May

02 Jun 2020

Media: Personal leadership is an indispensable link in a successful organization

28 May 2020

Media: Crisis doesn’t seem to affect Eindhoven Engine

11 May 2020

Eindhoven Engine News - April 2020

30 Apr 2020

Eindhoven Engine appoints Supervisory Board

21 Apr 2020

Media: Eindhoven Engine: ‘samenwerken zorgt voor sneller aantrekken economie na coronacrisis’

16 Apr 2020

Eindhoven Engine News - January 2020

18 Feb 2020

Eindhoven Engine prepares OpenCall 2020

29 Jan 2020


29 Jan 2020

Media: Unique collaboration in Eindhoven Engine

17 Oct 2019

Media: Eindhoven Engine is picking up pace

16 Oct 2019

Media: Eindhoven Engine selects the first four research projects

14 Oct 2019

Eindhoven Engine News - October 2019

11 Oct 2019

Eindhoven Engine News - September 2019

13 Sep 2019

Media: Eindhoven Engine helps projects with impact quicker to the market

19 Jul 2019

Media: Implementation Brainport National Action Agenda

05 Jul 2019

Media: Eindhoven Engine – connecting innovative minds

14 Jun 2019

Eindhoven, a shining example for Europe

20 May 2019

Media: Eindhoven Engine is all about colocation

09 May 2019

Kick off Eindhoven Engine - Photogallery

17 Apr 2019