Eindhoven Engine, the perfect instrument for creating impact

“I have the nicest job in the Netherlands,” says Sonja Vos-Poppelaars. “As director of TU/e Participations, I represent TU/e as a shareholder of 54 companies, mainly start-ups. One of the participations is Eindhoven Engine, a joint venture from TU/e, Fontys and TNO.
11 Feb 2021

Thinking outside the box: students, SMEs and the SmartMan project

As an Eindhoven Engine stakeholder, Fontys University of Applied Science has a vital role to play in connecting innovative minds. In the SmartMan project, this centers on the intersection of students and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as Fontys colleagues Hans Krikhaar and Kees Adriaanse explain.
08 Feb 2021

Business Model Innovation in an Exponential World

The Eindhoven Engine Academy offers a training and mentoring journey for ‘Business Model Innovation in an Exponential World’.
04 Feb 2021

Transformation at the Eindhoven Engine Academy

10 Dec 2020

Eindhoven Engine creates an impetus to accelerate innovation

10 Dec 2020

SmartTwo+: a maverick collaboration in telecoms

In the Eindhoven Engine project SmartTwo+, KPN and TU Eindhoven collaborate on maverick telecom technologies for the societal challenges of mobility, safety and smart cities.
08 Dec 2020

Unleashing collective intelligence

13 Oct 2020

Shareholders, SMEs and SmartMan: the viewpoint of Ella Hueting

29 Sep 2020

Better Tomorrow: Eindhoven Engine projects

13 May 2018