Strijp TQ, Eindhoven
12.30 - 13.30

Maarten Steinbuch – Drivers of Change – DDW

“Our world is facing huge challenges to be solved such as in climate, food, healthcare, water, inclusiveness. Although technology develops at exponential speed, implementation in society is lagging and solving the societal challenges is not trivial. To bridge the gap between potential solutions and real implementations we want innovation to be accelerated and exponential. Eindhoven Engine is the driver of this change.  Strategically located within the Brainport Region, Eindhoven Engine will perform challenge-based innovation in its public-private research facility at the TU/e Campus. Teams of our region’s most talented researchers from industry, knowledge institutes (TNO, Fontys and TU/e) and students will cooperate in Eindhoven Engine research programs to deliver breakthrough technological solutions.”

The exhibition TU/e drivers of Change, featuring all research and projects done at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) that tackle the challenges of tomorrow ranging from the latest inventions in data processing, solar panels, and smart diagnosis, to new materials, living environments and devices that will be beneficial to the society of tomorrow and after tomorrow.