Building Disruptor, TU/e Campus

Festival of Disruption

We are very pleased to invite you to the Eindhoven Engine Festival of Disruption. The festival will be all about disruptive innovations and you are invited to help our projects and yourself further accelerate your innovation!

The event will take place on October 13 10:00h – 16:00h at Eindhoven Engine, building Disruptor TU/e Campus.

The day will be opened by Kees Klomp and he will share his mission to give more purpose to our economy. During the day all 26 Eindhoven Engine projects, our Emergence Lab projects and other student teams will be present to showcase their accelerated innovations and are inviting you to get disruptive together. You will be able to participate in workshops and network sessions throughout the day. The day will be closed by Walter Baets, Chief Learning Officer Eindhoven Engine, and not to forget, drinks and bites!

More details will follow soon.

We are looking forward to welcome you at the Festival of Disruption!

Keynote: Existential Economics

Existential Economics is a new economic system approach. Kees Klomp will take you through the main characteristics of this new paradigm.

Kees Klomp

Kees Klomp (1968) studied Political Science and Communication at the University of Amsterdam. Since 2008 he focuses on the development of a new economic narrative: Existential Economics. Klomp is currently Professor of applied science at the Rotterdam university of applied science, where he researches and develops economic system change. He is also co-founder of Thrive Institute, where he activates economic system change. Klomp is author of various books; amongst others Thrive, fundamentals for a new economy.

Keynote: The one who sows order, will harvest chaos

(reference the book: Wie orde zaait zal chaos oogsten)

Walter challenges the audience with a perspective on organizations and management that questions the need for too much stucture and control, but rather suggests to re-instate the role of ‘entrepreneurial’ employees: autonomous and co-creating. This gives the building blocks for meaningful life long learning. Using Machado’s words: ‘there is no path, you lay down the path in walking’, Walter explains why this is so true, but also, how every manager/leader could create his or her own impactful path. 

Walter Baets

Walter Baets is Professor Emeritus at the University of Cape Town (South Africa), professor at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and Learning Officer at Eindhoven Engine. He is a renown international speaker and teacher in the areas of complexity and the quantum interpretation of innovation and transformation, an area in which he specialized over his academic career. At the University of Cape Town he was Dean/Director of the Graduate School of Business and the Allan Gray Chair in Values Based Leadership.  He graduated in econometrics and operations research at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. After a corporate career in financial modeling and strategic consulting, he obtained a PhD (at Warwick Business School) and a Senior Doctorate (HDR, Aix-Marseilles). He has then developed an academic career which brought him in 7 countries on 2 continents. His key publications include Complexity, Organisations and Learning:  A Quantum Interpretation of Business (Routledge, 2006), Rethinking Growth: Social Intrapreneurship for Sustainable Performance (Palgrave, 2009 co-author Erna Oldenboom), Values Based Leadership in Business Model Innovation (Bookboon, 2013, co-author Erna Oldenboom) and Une Interprétation Quantique de l’Innovation (Editions Universitaires Européennes, 2017).  He is the Past Chair of the Association of African Business Schools (AABS). He is an astute photographer, and his life goal is to become a flamenco guitarist.