12:00 -12:30

DSPE Lunch Lecture – Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing  is one of the focus areas in the SmartMan project (OpenCall 2020). Hans Krikhaar is projectleader of this project and also member of the DSPE. On 7 Decmber DSPE organizes the online lunch lecture ‘Through-wall maglev stage: Design by topology optimization considering additive manufacturing’. 

Elwin, Sr. Mechatronic System Designer MI-Partners, will introduce the magnetically mounted “through-wall” stage, which he designed as part of his graduation work at Delft University of Technology. He will also discuss the redesign of the stage chuck, which was part of the Imsys-3D project. In this project, the topology of the chuck has been optimized and realized by 3D printing with the aim of maximizing the first three natural frequencies. The design process is shown, along with the ultimately achieved results.

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