Wicked challenges 1

The Eindhoven Engine is an innovation booster for meaningful and impactful projects via co-location and co-creation, finding solutions to previously unresolved problems. We want to activate the collective intelligence of the Brainport region and make it available for solving problems that matter. The world has become a complex place: very often exponential in nature, confronted with rapidly developing technologies and observing some of the most bizarre and unprecedented societal changes we have ever seen.

Facilitate transformation

The Eindhoven Engine Academy aims to support teams in a transformation that will allow them to innovate faster, become more agile and develop the capabilities to deal with increasingly more wicked problems. Indeed, the complex world and the exponentiality of many processes makes a control-driven, top-down organization (of innovation) less and less adequate. For innovation, organizations need to move away from the linear and towards the complex, from control towards co-creation. This is the transformation that we want to facilitate.

At the same time, it is and remains all about people, impact and meaning. We have the huge potential of (exponential) technologies but want to make them available for solving impactful issues.

While we need to look differently at business (model) innovation – to make it faster and more meaningful – we also need to pay more attention to solving wicked problems. The Eindhoven Engine Academy wants to facilitate this too.