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Eindhoven Engine Academy course program

Eindhoven Engine Academy organizes a number of 2 day seminars for open enrolment; it supports the Eindhoven Engine projects with a state of the art innovation approach; it supports individual team members with the necessary personal transformation.

Face to face experiences, seminars, can of course be a starting point in order to explore further interventions in any company or organisations.

In the second part of the year 2019, two pilots with an abbreviated approach are scheduled, in order to run and fine tune the method.

  • Leadership in Innovation: 30 October and 6 November, 2019. Read more…
  • Hands-on agile systemic innovation: 7 and 8 November 2019. Read more…¬†

The Eindhoven Engine Academy offers the following 2 day seminars as from 2020:

    1.  Systems thinking
    2. Design thinking
    3. Intellectual property
    4. Entrepreneurship
    5. Eco-design of innovation
    6. How to make a business plan
    7. Hands-on agile systemic innovation (to be scheduled in 2019 already)
    8. Leadership in innovation (to be scheduled in 2019 already)