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4 days

Business Model Innovation in an Exponential World course

In order to harness the reality of today, in order to create the future, rather than be subjected to it, innovators need to understand what innovation means in an ever changing, uncertain world, disrupted by exponential technologies. They need to know how to construct business models that matter, using technologies for positive impact. Additional to their technological specialization, engineers need to develop an understanding of, and a competence in turning the great potential of (exponential) technologies into business models to bring to market.


The outcome of the training course, is to develop the mindset with which innovators can comfortably explore, understand and act in a hyper-complex world, disrupted by exponential technologies, while becoming the entrepreneur and creator of sustainable, scalable solutions. This transformation of people, eventually, will be the engine for corporate and societal transformation. ‘Business model innovation in an exponential world’ gives the insight needed and allows to experience it first-hand.

Intended for

The training, and its focus on innovation acceleration, makes it relevant for all specializations of engineering (or otherwise technology trained professionals) having an interest to make more effective use of the available technology. It contributes to the understanding of how to create impactful, scalable and economically viable solutions based on the potential of exponential technologies, supporting participants to become leaders in their respective fields.

You can participate individually, although it is more effective when more people of the project team join at the same time.

Course schedule:

  • 08-11-2022 I 09:00 – 17:00
  • 09-11-2022 I 09:00 – 17:00
  • 21-11-2022 I 09:00 – 17:00
  • 22-11-2022 I 09:00 – 17:00

Duration: 2 times 2 days

Trainers: Prof. Walter Baets & Jaco Friedrich MSc

Course leaders: Prof. Walter Baets &Jaco Friedrich MSc

Price per participant: € 3,200 excl. VAT *

More information about the program, methods and certification, click here.

In collaboration with:

This course has been supported by a financial grant of PATO (Stichting Post-Academisch Technisch Onderwijs)