Eindhoven Engine accelerates innovation in the Brainport region to provide new and timely technology-based solutions as an answer to the societal challenges our generation and environment is facing.

For this, capabilities and positions available at science, technology and business-oriented partners provide a human capital and knowledge basis. However, it is envisaged that this potential can be unleashed up to yet another level when organizational barriers are lowered and interpersonal exchange and combination of ideas and skills are actively stimulated. Inspiring and challenging ‘moon-shot’ goals with associated deadlines are essential, as well as dedicated selection and coaching of team members, collaborating in an inspiring work and meeting space which stimulates and facilitates the joint execution of their innovation projects.

A jump start has been made by funding of project initiatives around innovation topics supported and executed by consortia with key industrial and TU/e partners. The execution of these pilot projects takes place at the Eindhoven Engine building (MMP) at the TU/e campus.